(The good ones, anyway…)



(Whatever reviews I gathered for my first two books, Against the Odds and Trials, have been lost to the mists of time.)

OPEN ICE (1994)

“Hunter takes the reader behind the scenes and into the closed society of the game. Few books have better documented hockey’s institutional unfairness to both famous and forgotten names in the bygone era.”

—The Globe and Mail

“A satisfying and disturbing portrait of a Canadian hero with a tragic dimension—and of our national sport in its Golden Age.”

—The Gazette (Montreal)

“Most sports biographies barely scratch the surface of the hero involved. Open Ice is an impressive and welcome break from tradition. This is a comprehensive study of a complicated manchild—in the end not a hero, but a human, with far more than the usual amount of detritus that short, violent lives leave behind.”

—Roy MacGregor

“This book is perfect for long Saturday nights in the den, an overstuffed chair, a blazing fire and a cognac for comfort.”

—Bruce Cheadle, Canadian Press

“Hunter’s brisk style and eye for telling detail carry the reader along...Horton’s is a story that deserves to be told.”



“Compelling writing...A hockey nut without this plush, illustrated history of goaltending...should weep real tears.”

—Toronto Sun

“A comprehensive compilation of the art of stopping rubber...A treasure trove of information...Enjoy!”

—Winnipeg Sun

WAR GAMES (1996)

“A brilliant book.”

—Andy Barrie, CBC Radio

“...a sprawling, thoroughly researched and fascinating account of professional hockey during the Second World War.”


“Inside this hockey book, Hunter has drawn a fine and perceptive portrait of [Mackenzie King,] a master pragmatist fighting and winning the war of his political life.”

—The Gazette (Montreal)

“...a valuable historical exercise: as much for hockey’s contribution—or, it can be argued, lack of contribution—to the war effort as for the war’s effect on hockey.”

—Ottawa Citizen

“There’s enough hockey for the sports fan; enough history and social commentary for anyone.... We recommend it highly.”

—Garth Wolsey, Toronto Star

“...reaches beyond the sports genre and presumes a serious audience for a serious topic—a hat trick by any standard.”

—Bruce Dowbiggan, Toronto Star


“Douglas Hunter is not your average hockey writer. He knows the game, knows the world around it, and puts these together like nobody else.”

—Stephen Brunt, The Globe and Mail

“Hunter...has produced an engaging study of the NHL’s finest teams in the season’s most compelling hockey book.”

—The Gazette (Montreal)


“This is the new bible of yacht design.”

—John Rousmaniere, author of The Annapolis Book of


“This is perhaps the most useful window on sailboat design to appear since Ted Brewer’s delightfully readable Understanding Yacht Design, originally published over 25 years ago...Killing’s text is supported by terrific artwork on every page guaranteed to make the learning process as visual as it is cerebral...The next time your eyes glaze over three paragraphs into yet another technical boat review, reach over and grab this little nugget. It works better than Visine.

—Blue Water Sailing


“Scrupulous documentary work...vividly portraying Bowman as a pivotal player in the way the culture and the tactics of the game have evolved.”

–The Globe and Mail

“A great look back at Bowman’s career.”

–Regina Leader Post

“Hunter is one of Canada’s best hockey writers...In Scotty Bowman: A Life in Hockey, [he] gives us a behind-the-scenes biographical look at a hockey icon, fearlessly shedding light on the genius/madness that Bowman brings to the sport.”

–Vue Weekly (Edmonton)



–The A Channel, Edmonton

“An astonishingly thorough book on hockey...a great read.”

–The London Free Press

MOLSON (2001)


“Molson. Canadian. Even to ears most jaded by our advertising age, those two words just seem to sound right together....To think that [John Molson’s] name lives on so proudly, from the height of the fur trade through centuries of rebel-

lion and war to a new millennium, is to appreciate the natural dramatic arc of Hunter’s tale.”

—Toronto Star

“Hunter shows a passion for research and a commendable caution in weighing evidence....There is a delight, as well as

a good deal of value for scholars, in following Hunter’s informed guesswork as he pursues the elusive brewer...[A] good read....worth an undisturbed evening in a comfortable

chair by the fire with a glass of port. Or Export.

—The Gazette (Montreal)

“Hunter is very able in setting the scene, showing that Molson could scarcely have arrived at a more tumultuoustime in Canadian history, as Loyalists fled North from the American Revolution, and French, Irish and English tried to sort out their differences.”

—Ottawa Citizen


Winner of the National Business Book Award

“Well researched and insightful…a ripping good yarn.”

—The Gazette (Montreal)

“Much of the book is entrancing as Mr. Hunter charts the rise of Nortel, explaining the accounting behind it and the sound messages that the public ignored from those contrarians who sensed something was wrong.”

—The Globe and Mail

“A shocking story of corporate duplicity combined with a stunning lack of due diligence by the vast majority of market analysts, investment advisors, and financial reporters.”

—The Georgia Strait